Master of Science

in Communication and Information Technology

and Control, Microsystems, Microelectronics

From IAE to CMM

For many years Bremen University offered the curriculum “Information and Automation Engineering (IAE)”. Since 2016 the curriculum has been changed to "Control, Microelectronics, Microsystems (CMM)".

What has been changed?

The new CMM curriculum will have more subjects on microelectronics and on microtechnology. Control engineering will remain a strong focus, while robotics will be slightly reduced.

Why do we change?

All our courses are subject to continuous actualization and improvement. The fourth industrial revolution needs engineers who combine understanding of control with expertise in microelectronics and microsystems. The new CMM curriculum teaches you electronic systems and control systems from scratch up to the application in power plants.

Applications are now formally checked

The application for the summer semester 2018 intake is closed, the applications are now formally checked. All applications which pass this check will be forwarded to the faculty for the academic performance check. You can log into the application website to see your current processing status.


The application deadline (15th October 2017) is hard, exceptions are not possible.


There are no intakes in the winter semester.

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