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For further information contact:

Universität Bremen 
MSc in CIT/CMM (Master Office)
Otto-Hahn-Allee / NW1  
Room N3020
28359 Bremen 


E-Mail to CIT/CMM Master Office


Who is Who
Name Telephone Function
Dr. Andreas Könsgen 62380 General information and consultance
Maren Hofmann 62445 Master Office (Organisation)
Prof. Armin Dekorsy 62400 CIT students, CIT curriculum and study plans
Prof. Kai Michels
62500 CMM/IAE students, CMM/IAE curriculum and study plans
Prof. Steffen Paul
62540CMM/IAE students, CMM/IAE curriculum and study plans
Prof. Walter Lang 62602 Head of master examination board


E-Mail: Click on the respective name.

Phone: Dialing example from outside Germany: if you wish to contact number 12345, please dial +49 421 218 12345.


Important Documents

Homepage CIT and CMM/IAE
Course Catalogue / Vorlesungsverzeichnis CIT CMM/IAE
Course Descriptions CIT and CMM/IAE
Zulassungsordnung / Admission Terms (German) CIT CMM
Masterprüfungsordnung (allgemeiner Teil) /
Master Examination Regulations (General part, German)
Master Examination Regulations (intakes of 2012 and earlier) CIT IAE
Master Examination Regulations (intakes from 2013 to 2015, German)
Master Examination Regulations (intakes 2016 and later, German)
!Important Announcement for IAE students!IAE