Application Conditions

Admission and Enrolment

Entrance is open to any foreign Student with a Bachelor's or comparable (or higher) degree in Electrical Engineering or closely related field. The latter means that the majority of the subjects you took in your studies should be related to electrics, fields and waves, electronics, communication, information and automation engineering and technology. In addition, German students with an FH Diploma can be admitted.

Students whose native language is not English have two options to demonstrate their knowledge of English:


Application Deadlines

The application for the summer semester 2019 opens by beginning of August 2018 until 15th October 2018. This is a hard deadline, exceptions are not possible.

Candidates will be informed by e-mail once the decision for them is finalised. Furthermore, accepted candidates get a letter of admission.

Students from non-EU member states should note that the letter of admission  is needed in order to obtain a German foreign student visa. Please be aware of the typical time delays caused by mail, visa application etc. The visa has to be obtained at the German embassy in the home country before attending studies in Germany. Please contact your local German embassy for precise information about the visa procedure.  In order to get your visa in time, it is recommended to apply for the visa as soon as the letter of admission is received. The admission decision is taken during January 2019. In case of an admission, the enrolment office will ask you to hand in notarised paper copies of your documents.



Please note that tuition fees for this course at the university have been waived.

However candidates do need funding for housing and daily expenses. Also an administration fee of presently about 300 Euro is charged at the beginning of every semester. Estimated monthly expenses for housing and other daily expenses (including compulsory health insurance and administration fee) are at least 800 Euro.

At the time being we cannot provide scholarships. It is in the responsibility of candidates to obtain sufficient funding for the duration of the program. Typically, a proof of sufficient funding is mandatory in order to get an immigrant visa from a German embassy. A limited number of funding opportunities are available within research projects of our university.


In case of further questions

Please check our FAQ which gives answers to several details concerning the CIT/CMM studies and the application.

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